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Auriculomedicine is a therapeutic system that is based on diagnosis and treatment through the auditory pavilion, since the atrial pavilion has a large number of nerve endings where the functioning of other areas of the body is reflected. Auriculomedicine considers the ear as a kind of remote control in which the alterations of other areas of the body can be seen. This technique is also known as auriculotherapy. This technique was created by the French professor Paul Nogier, the father of auriculomedicine in 1953. From this base, the theory of RAN (Nogier's atrial reflex) that detects health problems through , the exploration of the auricular pavilion. Each area of ??the body has a reflex point that warns us of an alteration. When performing this process, any change in the pulse upon receiving pressure at certain points of the ear, informs us of an abnormality in the patient's health, notifying us of an organic alteration.

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"The Doctor of the Future will not give medicines, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human body, in the diet, causes and prevention of the disease" - Thomas Edison